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Primary Care

At Medicos Family Clinic at Dallas,our primary care providers go the extra mile to help our patients in maintaining their well-being and keeping them in optimal health throughout their ...

Pediatric Care

Medicos Family Clinic is the one place where children and families receive all the necessary care while making them feel at home. Our skilled pediatrics in Garland TX have ...

Preventive Care

Medicos Family Clinic is a place where you can come in at any time and expect the best of services and facilities. Our Medical Clinic in Dallas is led ...

Women Healthcare

Our team of medical professionals is here to help you. With expertise in primary care as well as specializations like athletic medicine, sexual health, and more, we can provide ...

Urgent Care

Children’s Medical Services (CMS) is a collection of programs that serve children with special health care needs. Each program provides family-centered care using statewide networks of specially qualified doctors, ...

Cosmetic Procedures

Booking an international trip and wondering whether you’ll need any special medication or vaccinations? Be sure to check in with One Medical’s travel clinic, located in our Government Center ...
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