Preventive Care

Preventive Care

Medicos Family Clinic is a place where you can come in at any time and expect the best of services and facilities. Our Medical Clinic in Dallas is led by a team of compassionate and licensed medical professionals who provide highly individualized treatment and preventive care services for all illnesses and injuries. Our patients are our highest priority, that is why they enjoy the convenience of our walk-in clinic in Garland, TX, as help is just around the corner for everyone who seeks it.

Our faculty is cooperative and compassionate that is why you don’t need an appointment to see a provider at Medicos Family Clinic, you can visit us anytime you want, and our Doctors in Mesquite, TX will do their best to help you and provide with the best preventive services.

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Medicos Family Clinic is known among patients for exceptional medical services, but we also provide dedicated preventive care services as well. If you’re near Garland and feel like you’re onto something, then visit our Garland Health Clinic at once and let our doctors have a look.

We provide preventive services like:

Intramuscular injections
Subcutaneous injections
Routine vaccines and immunizations (tetanus, flu and others)
IV infusions
Drug testing
In-house lab testing (includescholesterol, mononucleosis,electrolyte and liver function, strep, flu, pregnancy, and more)

If complex testing is required to come to an accurate diagnosis, we will send your specimen to an off-site lab for deeper evaluations.

Being in good health is the primary concern of every individual, it’s better to be safe than sorry, that’s why it’s important to get yourself checked every now and then so you could stay healthy and happy. Visit us, and we’ll help you in every way possible.

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