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At Medicos Family Clinic, we provide a range of lab services for our patients who need urgent medical care and diagnosis. We offer in-depth lab testing with our COLA-certified laboratory. Every result from our lab tests is viewed by our qualified physicians to ensure that we provide you with the very best care and treatment for your condition.

Medicos Lab Testing Process

Our process involves three stages.

Collection of specimen sample

In the first stage, we will ask you to provide us with a specific type of specimen as a sample; it will depend on your condition. In some cases, you might be required to provide samples of different types so we can compare the results with each other for optimal accuracy.

Processing the sample

In the second stage, our specialized and trained technicians will thoroughly process all of the samples that you have provided us in our contracted state-of-the-art laboratory.Common diseases are usually diagnosed at this stage.

Analyzing data

This the third and last stage; after the sample has been processed in laboratory, our physicians will examine the results. If the results are convincing, they will determine a diagnosis and then create a treatment plan tooversee your condition. You can pick up the reports at Care Now units in Mesquite TX.

Medicos family clinic is proud to offer a vast range of medical laboratory services for patients in Dallas.  Our medical clinic in Dallasprovides lab testing and many other cutting-edge patient and physician diagnostic services. Thus, ensuring the best treatment and care plan that can be delivered to address your medical condition.

Some of our lab services help diagnose the following conditions:

  • Liver Disease
  • Kidney Ailments
  • Drug Screen
  • Anemia Screenings
  • Cardiac
  • Thyroid Evaluation
  • Pregnancy
  • Urine Analysis
  • BMP
  • CBC
  • Flu
  • LFT
  • Strep

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