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Difference between a Medical Clinic and a Hospital in Dallas or Garland TX, medicosfamilyclinic

Difference between a Medical Clinic and a Hospital in Dallas or Garland TX

A Hospital

A hospital is designed with beds and rooms for patients that are often quite sick and need to be admitted to the hospital. The illnesses may range from critical care, emergency, to pre-arranged selective surgeries. The hospital employs several nurses, doctors, laboratory technicians, radiology technicians, nurses, assistants, and people to transport the patients to various areas of the hospital for their tests.

Being well-staffed, a hospital is equipped to deal with an extensive variety of sick patients with the equipment needed to do the treatments that every patient requires. Another key difference is time: many clinics are open just for specific hours of the day, but the emergency room of a hospital is always open.

A Clinic

Typically, a medical clinic in Dallas is far smaller than a hospital and doesn’t have many staff members. Many clinics feel like the office of a doctor with probably more treatment rooms and specialized equipment. Usually, there’s just one doctor that you set an appointment with. You see him in a small room with a chair, table, and a sink for the doctor to sanitize his hands. You will sit in the waiting room and wait for the doctor to finish with the patients that came before you. If your condition is a little serious, the doctor will immediately send you to a local hospital for admittance.

However, a walk in clinic in Garland TX is less expensive than a trip to the hospital because it’s smaller and doesn’t have the staff and equipment that a typical hospital has.
When to visit a health clinic?

If you don’t have life-threatening or serious symptoms, a health clinic is a good place to go. For instance, if you aren’t feeling too well or experiencing ear pain or mild cold, it would be less expensive to go to a clinic than to the emergency room of a hospital.

The doctor at the clinic can address your healthcare needs by offering you a prescription for an antibiotic or whatever he feels is important to treat your underlying symptoms. Since many clinics don’t have a pharmacy, you’ll need to take this prescription to your local pharmacy.

When to visit a hospital?

You should always visit a hospital for serious trauma:

1. A car accident
2. A slip with injuries
3. Having chest pains and feeling light-headed
4. When you’re feeling very ill and need emergency treatment

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